Insurance FAQ’s


Campanda’s Comprehensive & Collision Insurance Coverage:

Campanda provides the industry’s most comprehensive and collision insurance coverage through our partner Allianz, which covers all qualified recreational vehicles and trailers – at zero cost to RV owners.


What does Campanda’s comprehensive and collision policy cover?
The Campanda insurance policy covers physical damage to the vehicle up to the cash value or cost of repair, as well as $1 million in liability.

What does it cost?
For RV owners, nothing! The entire cost of insurance is covered by the renter at a rate of $18.50 per day.

How much is the deductible?
The deductible is $1,000 (the lowest rate in the industry) and is covered by the security deposit paid by the renter, ensuring that the owner is never out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Is my RV eligible for Campanda’s insurance policy?
Our insurance policy covers all Class A, B, C, travel trailers and vans that meet the following criteria:

      •   The RV must be registered in the United States.
      •   The RV must be under 25 years old.
      •   The RV must be privately registered.
      •   The RV must be currently insured to demonstrate that your RV is “insurable.” *

*Note: The owner’s personal insurance policy is used only to demonstrate that the vehicle is “insurable” and will never be used in any way for a claim related to a rental made through Campanda.

Does Campanda insurance cover vehicles outside the United States?
Eligible RVs are covered throughout the 50 states and Canada. We do not provide coverage for vehicles that enter Mexico.

What rentals are covered?
If you have selected our insurance option, any rental processed through Campanda will be covered. Rentals processed on another platform are not eligible for Campanda coverage.

Do I need to have a personal insurance policy to qualify?
Your RV must be insured to qualify for Campanda’s insurance policy. Although your personal policy will never be used in any way for any claim related to a rental through Campanda, the existence of a personal policy demonstrates that a vehicle is “insurable.”

Does Campanda’s insurance policy replace my personal insurance?
Our insurance covers your RV and your renters during the rental period of any rental booked through Campanda. However, it does not cover the owner’s personal use. You will still need your own insurance for when you use your RV yourself.

Am I automatically enrolled in Campanda’s insurance program?
No. You will need to select the Campanda Insurance option during the RV listing process.

When does the coverage take effect?
If you have selected the Campanda Insurance option, the coverage takes effect when the rental begins and extends for the duration of the rental period.

What if I have my own insurance?
That’s great! You will also have the option to use your own insurance policy or require renters to secure their own binder insurance. However, you should check your policy details carefully — most owners‘ policies do not cover commercial rentals to a third party.

Are renters required to obtain a binder?
Under Campanda’s insurance policy, eligible renters are not required to obtain binders or distinct rental insurance. Owners who forgo the Campanda Insurance option can require renters to obtain their own binder coverage instead.

Who can rent my RV on Campanda?
Renters must be at least 25 years of age and provide proof of a valid driver’s license. International renters that do not carry a US driver’s license must obtain and present a valid international driver permit.