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Planning an RV trip in Europe? Here is what to expect

Who hasn’t dreamt of hitting the open road with the family, the dog and all of dad’s bad jokes? Doing so in Europe is a great way to explore a continent full of history, lakes and beaches. I just went on my first RV trip in Europe last month with the rest of the Campanda team and got to see first hand how camping in Europe really is. So I decided to write a little guide about how to plan it and what to expect. But first, here are a couple of photos from our trip! Continue reading

As the english Brexit, vacationers Brenter!

Pack your bags and start looking for some cheap flights to the U.K. because over the weekend we’ve seen one of the E.U’s biggest countries vote to exit the European Union. The British currency has seen its largest one day decline in over 30 years over the weekend. So take advantage of this market discrepancy and go visit all the beaches, parks, museums, buildings and landmarks you’ve longed to see! Continue reading

Here is why everybody is camping in Iceland!

Camping in Iceland is a dream that comes true for many people every year. For a country that has a total population of less than 350,000 people, it even seems that the term “country” is an over exaggeration. Tourism in Iceland is increasing every year faster than anywhere else in the world. People are choosing to spend their summer vacations in the great north for a chance to gaze at the northern lights and discover some of the most unique caves in the world and many are choosing to do it in an Iceland RV. Continue reading

German Roadtrip – Conquering Castle Road

For most campers the only important castle is their mobile home. On the campgrounds, everyone is excited to show people their model and custom electrical converter. some flaunt their extra big living space, others unveil their mounted titanium grill with duel benzene burners.

However, some centuries ago in Europe, this competition saw a very different picture – each lord tried to show off with large towers or imposing castle courtyards. “The German Castle Road” takes you and your RV back to those times.

Continue reading

Island life on Mallorca

There are many places around the world that offer all you want in a vacation destination – great scenery, glorious sunsets, fabulous food – as well as the freedom to live your RV life the way you want to.

The Spanish island of Mallorca has all of this and more. It may offer some challenges to the RV traveler, but the reward is well worth it. Continue reading

Tivoli and the Aniene Valley, Lazio

Rome itself can be very difficult to navigate from behind the wheel of an RV, but beyond the narrow cobbled streets of the city, the countryside of the Lazio region offers a much more pleasurable driving experience as well as a journey through the most ancient parts of Roman history.

Yes, more ancient than even Rome itself.  Continue reading