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German sausage and the Volkswagen food truck

VW isn’t in the business of cutting corners… Well at least not in terms of design. Late last year, Ralf Zeh was in charge of overseeing the construction of a glorified volkswagen food truck that would station in front of the Kunstmuseum in Wolfsburg (the Volkswagen capital of Germany). The final product is a T2 in the blobby shape of a fried sausage and an impressed crowd of people munching Volkswagen made sausages in front of the museum. By “Volkswagen made”, we don’t just mean that the company runs the truck. It turns out that Volkswagen is one of the largest sausage suppliers in Germany! Continue reading

We interviewed Airstream! here is what the future holds

Airstream has been in business since 1931. Between now and then, they have been acquired once, went out of business once and expanded their trailer line many times. The Silver Bullet is still considered a piece of classic Americana and a timeless buy that is as much dependable as much as it is practical. The average buyer of an Airstream is around 65, the trailers have received endorsements from the likes of NASA, the Air Force, Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks. Continue reading

A brief history of the recreational vehicle

Many argue that the Vardos or Romani wagons should be categorized as the first recreational vehicles ever created. Typically pulled by horses from village to village, these wagons offered gypsies and traveling artists a constant home on the road and easy mobility and stationing. They were typically 30 feet in length and often housed a chimney to allow for heating and circulation. Fast forward 2 centuries and Bertram Hutchins will produce the first RV, the RV as we know it today. Continue reading

Inspired by Walter White

Recreational Vehicles are symbolic of many things on this planet. Liberty, independency and nature are just some of these. For ‘real campers’ an RV is the only true way to enjoy a vacation. Discovering new places, meeting new people and feeling right at home anywhere you travel to. Continue reading

Self-Sufficient Living – The Next Generation of RVs

The conservation of nature is especially valued by camping enthusiasts. Nonetheless, climate change and pollution continue to grow and affect our planet on a daily basis. Politics and scientific research keep focusing on how to create more efficient environmental friendly modes of living and transportation.

While German politicians keep focusing on developing electric cars, the Austrian start-up company “Wohnwagon” is a step ahead of the game. Continue reading