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The Suleica and the Orion – a bubble shaped duo

The Suleica trailers and Orion RVs never quite made it to the US. These bulky looking might look outdated today but they were definitely futuristic looking back in the 60’s. They were designed to be extremely lightweight but in the end it is their unique bubble shape design that ended up being the reason behind their short lived success, nevermind them being amphibious, or at least trying to be amphibious. Continue reading

Starcraft RVs, now part of the Airstream family

Starcraft RVs were manufactured almost 50 years after the inception of its makers. Starcraft was a typical company from the industrial boom era when automation was at the heart of the world, and like many others they were switching their products often to accommodate the market. This is a story of a company who chased the market for a century, often switching their focus and products, only to go bankrupt in 2008. During the 60’s however the company made some great RVs and trailers and Starcraft’s RV brand has stood the test of time and still going strong today as a sister company to Airstream under the Thor umbrella. So where did the company go wrong? Continue reading

The trailer that lost to Airstream: Spartan’s history

The history of Spartan trailers is as complex as the events that shaped the country in the 20th century. Decade after decade, Spartan’s numerous owners shifted and pivoted to service the needs of Americans. That rich history is directly and forever part of a Spartan trailer’s design. Alongside Airstream, Spartan’s designs stands to reflect industrialization, Art Deco design and a quality-first approach to manufacturing; traits that were shared by many companies in the early 20th century. The unique industrial look of these trailers has made them a favorite and a collectable for people looking to restore old trailers to glory, and there are many.
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Off-roading with Volvo: The L3314 and C303

This is the story of a military truck/camper/off-roader by the name Volvo L3314 and its successor the Volvo C303. Although finding replacement parts for is difficult. This camper still bolsters a huge fan base around the world.

What makes a vehicle special? Certainly it’s a mix of its design and its capabilities. In the case of the Volvo L3314 and the C202, it’s hard to separate the two. The design directly supports what you feel this car was meant to do: Off-road in a big way.

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Spotlight on The FMC 2900R

In the early 70’s there was a reporter delving into the back roads and neighbourhoods of America with a motorcoach. His aim was to help people discover the heritage and heartbeat of this great nation. “On the road with Charles Kuralt” aired on CBS and became an instant with the public. The show also shined the bright lights on the FMC 2900R, an RV that was in production for only 3 years, between 1973 and 1976.

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Average.. Until the walls drop down – The De Markies

”The awning” – For many campers that’s just an extension to shield them from the afternoon sun. A design-project from the late 1980s however took the awning concept to the next level: two thirds of the De Markies’ living-space is in fact a floored awning courtesy of the dropping walls of this infamous trailer. The project by the architect Eduard Böhtlingk from the Netherlands was awarded the Dutch design-prize.

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Sweet Dreams are made of these mini trailers: the t@b!

In a previous article we’ve mentioned how a group of certified Lego builders managed to smash the world record for largest Lego trailer. So we decided to also write about the original. These trendy mini trailers provide everything two campers need. Those who love sleeping in a tent but don’t want to miss out on comfort will find the perfect traveling companion in tear shaped mini trailers.

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