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Top Skiing Resorts for Campers and RVers in North America

If you’re looking to take your RV skiing this winter then this article is for you. We are going to highlight our favorite most RV-friendly destinations, so that you can make an informed decision about the best place to enjoy the slopes with your loved ones.

If you’re unsure whether you should take an RV to your Ski trip, then consider these facts:

  • You’ll have more flexibility over the dates as you don’t need to worry about reserving accommodation that much in advance.
  • You’ll save money and bypass the high resort prices
  • You’ll have more privacy
  • You get to go camping again!

Now that we know the benefits of combining a camping trip with a ski vacation, let’s take a look at the best places to go.

Vail Mountain – Colorado

  • Population: 5,303 people
  • Vertical: 3,000 feet
  • Snowfall p.a.: 290 inches
  • Ski lifts: 33
  • Snowboarders allowed: Yes
  • Ski terrain: 5,200 acres
  • Accessibility by RV: The I-70 leads directly to the base of the mountain and is a very well maintained freeway.
  • Season: 11/25 – 4/23

Vail is amongst the most popular winter destinations in America. In part because of Colorado’s central location making it ideal for many. Anyone in the States will be able to drive to it in a reasonable time. You’ll find that Vail itself is only a short 2 hour drive away from Denver.

Vail is also renown for its snow parks. So if you’re a skier or snowboarder who’s all about rails, boxes and launches, then this place is for you.

What’s more, Vail is one of the biggest winter sports cities in terms of population. This means that you’ll find a lot of shops, restaurants, activities and oddities outside the slopes, making Vail ideal for large families that won’t necessarily do the same things all the time. For example you can go dog sledding at Mountain Musher’s, experience Colorado beers at the the Vail Ale house or go for a beauty day at the Sonnen Alp Spa, A spa with a German approach to pampering!

Closest campsite:
Aunt Sara’s River Dance RV Resort and Campground

Alta Ski Area – Utah

  • Population: 390
  • Vertical: 2,000 feet
  • Snowfall p.a.: 541 inches
  • Ski lifts: 11
  • Snowboarders allowed: No
  • Ski terrain: 2,200 acres
  • Accessibility: 45 minute drive from Salt Lake City
  • Season: 11/18 – 4/23

Alta is not the biggest Ski resort in North America – those who appreciate seclusion appreciate Alta especially for that reason. Alta is said to possess a unique microclimate that benefits from large amounts of snowfall. To be more precise, the type of snow they get is a soft, dry snow that accumulates on the slopes. The result is many patches of fresh powder snow that skiers and snowboarders can make their own.

The resort is highly appreciated by skiiers as only they are allowed to access the slopes. By the nature of the sport, snowboarding changes the landscape of the snow, eroding the otherwise compact demeanor of the slope. Die-hard skiers have expressed their dismay about this and Alta has answered the call becoming one of the last ski resorts that gives skiers refuge from snowboarders. So if you plan on snowboarding, then you can go ahead and cross Alta from your list.

Closest campsite:
Mountain Shadow RV Park

Whistler Blackcomb Skiing – British Columbia

  • Population: 10,000 people
  • Vertical: 5,000 feet
  • Snowfall p.a.: 275 inches
  • Ski lifts: 37
  • Snowboarders allowed: Yes
  • Skiing terrain: 8,100 acres
  • Accessibility: 78 miles from Vancouver through highway 99
  • Season: 11/24 – 5/22

The best thing about Whistler is that all winter sports are available for you to take part in. Whistler offers lessons in Nordic Luge, Skeleton, Bobsleigh and many more activities, making it a great place for beginners and experts alike.

There are a lot of features in Whistler that are state of the art: The peak to peak gondolas, the sheer amount of skiing acreage and the population of the town that allows for more than just a skiing experience. However what’s perhaps the most special about Whistler Blackcomb is the vertical. The 5,000 foot vertical means that you ski for longer, explore many different runs and find yourself easily off-tracking, discovering custom runs of your own in the process.

You’ll also find a bustling nightlife in Whistler, from after-ski bars to jolting night clubs. Whistler has something for everyone this winter. Slopeslide village consistantly gets rated as the best ski village for nightlife, dinning and shopping by international bodies like the Ski Magazine.

Closest campsite:
Whistler RV Park

Castle Mountain – Alberta

  • Population: n/a
  • Vertical: 2,800 feet
  • Snowfall p.a.: 354 inches
  • Ski lifts: 7
  • Snowboarders allowed: Yes
  • Ski terrain: 3,500 acres
  • Accessibility: Well maintained roads and many services and amenities for RVers and campers
  • Season: 2/17 – 4/2

We’ve included Castle Mountain in our list not because of its size or above average skiing. You won’t find Castle Mountain on any top destinations for skiing in North America lists. However, it is really easy to access with a large RV as the road leading to it is on a straight and gentle steady slope. What’s more is that you’ll have access to electrical hookups for just $25 a night.

Castle Mountain also has a lot of expert runs, a little more than usual with 45% of runs rated as diamond or double diamond. It also benefits from having three snow parks. The combination of all these facts makes Castle Mountain a yearly go-to winter vacation destination for many RVers that are also enthusiastic about skiing.

Furthermore, the horse back riding is said to be a one of a kind experience, partly because of the owners at Ya Ha Tinda Ranch, said to be some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It’s a year round activity, so the snow shouldn’t deter you from riding. The ranch covers 4,000 acres of grazing land. Just ask the ranchers to point you towards the Red Deep River Bank trail and you’re sure to have a great time.

Closest campsite:
Lake Louise trailer campground

Mammoth – California

  • Population: 8,000 people
  • Vertical: 3,100 feet
  • Snowfall p.a.: 400 inches
  • Ski lifts: 28
  • Snowboarders allowed: Yes
  • Ski terrain: 3,500 acres
  • Accessibility: Skiers above the age of 80 ski for free
  • Season: 11/10 – 7/3

Mammoth has one of the longest skiing season in North America spanning a timeframe of 6 months. It has been a California favorite for over 50 years drawing people to the edge of the Sierra Nevada in the east of the state. Mammoth benefits from 3 snow parks, 151 runs with the longest one being 3 miles, longer than any in other RV resorts with the exception of Whistler and Vail.

In the last 10 years, they refreshed their facilities, dining areas, nightlife and activities in the skiing village. For example they are the only resort on this list that offer RV camping directly to their guests instead of going through 3rd party campsites.

There is also a growing scene of snowshoeing and cross country skiing because of the flat terrain that’s available there. For those not familiar with snowshoeing, it is definitely an endurance sport where users walk with the help of snowshoes and ski sticks across long distances. Want to test your metal? Give snowshoeing a try and you won’t be disappointed – as long as you survive it!

Closest campsite:
Mammouth Mountain RV Park

What about you? What are your favorite Skiing spots in North America?

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