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It’s the dream of many admirers of the United States to rent an RV and travel Route 66, taking the famous road from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. With Campanda, a Route 66 tour need no longer be the stuff of dreams. Simply book a motorhome or van for the trip, wherever you want to start. With us you’ll find just the right RV for you and your travel companions. Route 66 is one of the oldest roads spanning the United States, and many more modern, more direct roads have since been built. Yet, for decades tourists and travelers from the USA and beyond have flocked to the famous highway. What is it after all this time that continues to draw so many adventurers? One reason for the popularity of Route 66 is its history as one of the original transcontinental highways leading from the East to the West. In the US, Route 66 is also fondly dubbed the “Mother Road”. Many famous journeys have been accomplished here, and the old highway has captured the imagination of countless artists and musicians. If you’re thinking of renting an RV in the US and would like to explore the secrets of Route 66, the myriad of roadside diners, motels and sleepy towns along the route are probably what first spring to mind.

The views along Route 66 are the subject of US-themed memorabilia across the world and a relic of days gone by. In popular culture, meanwhile, the famous highway has come to stand for freedom, independence and adventure. Important stops along Route 66 (and indeed the start and end points) are of course Santa Monica and Chicago, the former principally because of its proximity to Los Angeles. What would a stay in California be without seeing Hollywood? Chicago, the “Windy City”, is of course known for its “gangster” culture, or otherwise for its jazz scene. In between, you’ll hit the Mojave desert, home to the rather infamous Death Valley, where temperatures are known to rise as high as 45°C (that’s 113°F if you’re in the US). Anyone venturing into the desert should be sure to bring adequate water supplies along and to secure an RV with good air conditioning. Travel Route 66 and get a unique glance into the diversity of American culture, both past and present. With Campanda you can rent your ideal RV for a US trip and discover Route 66 in the spirit of independence and adventure!