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German sausage and the Volkswagen food truck

VW isn’t in the business of cutting corners… Well at least not in terms of design. Late last year, Ralf Zeh was in charge of overseeing the construction of a glorified volkswagen food truck that would station in front of the Kunstmuseum in Wolfsburg (the Volkswagen capital of Germany). The final product is a T2 in the blobby shape of a fried sausage and an impressed crowd of people munching Volkswagen made sausages in front of the museum. By “Volkswagen made”, we don’t just mean that the company runs the truck. It turns out that Volkswagen is one of the largest sausage suppliers in Germany! Continue reading

Sweet Dreams are made of these mini trailers: the t@b!

In a previous article we’ve mentioned how a group of certified Lego builders managed to smash the world record for largest Lego trailer. So we decided to also write about the original. These trendy mini trailers provide everything two campers need. Those who love sleeping in a tent but don’t want to miss out on comfort will find the perfect traveling companion in tear shaped mini trailers.

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