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Internet vs. RVs: Getting unlimited connectivity on the road for free

We want to be connected all the time no matter where we are. Some campgrounds have great connectivity but for most, the struggle to serve enough wireless to all their guests is real, especially when they have so much ground to cover. Your phone thus becomes your best option for a clean connection. In this article we’ll show how to share your phone connection with all your devices on the road: laptops, tablets and consoles so that you can benefit from the same strong internet you get at home, on the road.

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RV Owners are Getting Younger – but Why?

18 months ago, Heath and his girlfriend were stuck in sales jobs they didn’t like, daydreaming about the amount of time it will take them to pay back their student loans. Today, they are traveling around the country as a married couple in their 1994 Class C RV while filming a documentary about Heath’s attempt to work 50 jobs in 50 states in a project they dub “Hourly America”. Continue reading