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Starcraft RVs, now part of the Airstream family

Starcraft RVs were manufactured almost 50 years after the inception of its makers. Starcraft was a typical company from the industrial boom era when automation was at the heart of the world, and like many others they were switching their products often to accommodate the market. This is a story of a company who chased the market for a century, often switching their focus and products, only to go bankrupt in 2008. During the 60’s however the company made some great RVs and trailers and Starcraft’s RV brand has stood the test of time and still going strong today as a sister company to Airstream under the Thor umbrella. So where did the company go wrong? Continue reading

As the english Brexit, vacationers Brenter!

Pack your bags and start looking for some cheap flights to the U.K. because over the weekend we’ve seen one of the E.U’s biggest countries vote to exit the European Union. The British currency has seen its largest one day decline in over 30 years over the weekend. So take advantage of this market discrepancy and go visit all the beaches, parks, museums, buildings and landmarks you’ve longed to see! Continue reading

They’re bringing back the VW microbus kombi stationwagon… Not!

To some extent the rumors are true, VW is bringing back some kind of Microbus and by that I mean it’s a van and it’s a VW. The new generation of the VW bus serve the same purpose as the original kombis, but they lack any form of design, charm and mechanics. Fans of the classic model however will be left disappointed, as the new bus is anything but a revival of the beloved oldie. For a new generation of campers however, they will find that the VW T6 offers stock options that compete directly with RVs and trailers and at a much better cost. Continue reading