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There are certain things that you can’t do without when you’re traveling like food, gas and water. There are also things simply make your life much easier, like that ever-present smartphone, for instance. Below are apps we like that can help you save money, eat like a local, and find secret, must-see spots for enjoying the best that nature must offer.

Gas Buddy

rving-apps-gas Fuel is one of the biggest expenses, but an essential investment in keeping you trucking. The ability to find the cheapest option every time you gas up is guaranteed can save you a healthy amount of money. Gas Buddy allows you to check and compare gas prices by city and by gas station, so you always get the cheapest fuel available, wherever you roam.


rving-apps-offline-navigation We’ve all been in remote places before, places where we don’t have any reception and won’t get any however much we hope. Thats why it’s important to have offline maps for when you find yourself in such a debacle. Maps.me offers you exactly this, offline maps. Just remember to download the maps you need prior to getting there.

RV parky

rving-apps-parking-hookups We’ve all found ourselves a little off course with no reception. In those moments, don’t you long for an honest-to-goodness paper map? Maps.me lets you plan ahead and download maps to your smartphone that you can view off line – reception or not.  Download the app and, naturally, the maps you think you’ll need as you head out for adventure.

WiFi Mapper

This app allows you to find the closest Wi-Fi outlet in your vicinity, with versions for both Android and IOS. The apps list all chains (think Starbucks) that offer free internet (when you buy their products of course!) and public hotspots so that you can get connected during your trip. We also wrote a piece on how to get unlimited internet on the road from within your RV.


rving-apps-postcards Who said real mail is a thing of the past? Receiving a postcard in the mail is sure to bring a smile to anyone who hasn’t seen you in a long time – and probably hasn’t received a postcard for an even longer time! Postagram allows you to send postcards to anyone you want straight from your phone. Just take the picture, add the address you want it sent to, sync the application with your AppleID or enter your credit card information within the app if you’re using Android. Your recipient will receive the postcard within a week with each card just $1.99.

Around Me

rving-apps-navigation-2       As the name suggests, Around Me lets you search or discover specific services that are in your vicinity, including restaurants, theaters, gas stations, bars, museums, clubs, supermarkets and hotels. The app can help you uncover those surprising points of interest “around you” just in case you need some inspiration!

Local Eats

rving-apps-foodLocalEats will tell you the best places to eat like a local. Instead of simply listing all restaurants and fast foods in the area, this app makes your life simple by aggregating reviews from multiple, ensuring you find high-quality fuel to keep you exploring.


rving-apps-plannerRoadtrippers is both a trip planner and a review site. Get ideas and opinions from travelers like you about historic sites, attractions, parks and must-see landmarks or use it to maximize your site-seeing by planning a route that passes through all the places you want to see on your journey.


rving-apps-towing “Triple A” is an American institution. This beloved service helps millions of Americans each year, whether it’s changing a tire, replacing a battery or getting a tow to the nearest garage. The AAA app makes it easier than ever to call for help. With a simple tap of a button, AAA will know exactly where you are. Your ID is synced in within the app so no need to call and give the operator your AAA number anymore. The app is available for both IOS and Android Hit the road with the whole family (or just the two of you) by booking the RV of your dreams at Campanda.com. Featured Photo by Tim Gouw, unsplash/CC0