Who we are

Over the last three years, Campanda has become the world’s leading marketplace for renting and listing RVs. This year alone we have secured contracts with suppliers in Russia, Mexico, Peru, Namibia, Croatia, New Zealand, Morocco, Israel, South Africa and even French Polynesia. As a global platform it is important that we serve content that appeals to a wide range of travelers: Backpackers, young families, established families and retired couples. We try to focus our content particularly on RVing and must-see destinations but we’re still interested in any well researched content about travelling in general. We write for people from various parts of the world. Although most of our readers are American, we also write for people living outside the states so we like our content to be fun but simply written.


  • Advertise – You can advertise with us as long as your product or service is somewhat relevant to our industry.
  • Promoted Post – If you’d like us to feature you in an article then go ahead and contact us with what you need and we’ll be happy to work something out.
  • Guest Post – We are always looking for interesting and unique content all the time. We’d be happy to work with you as long as your writing is relevant to our product.
  • Affiliate – We are currently looking for interesting partnerships. Get in touch with us if you feel that we’re a good match for what you’re trying to do.

Some Statistics

  • 130k followers on Facebook
  • 500k unique visitors in May 2016
  • Operations in over 40 countries
  • more than 90% of us work from Berlin with ❤

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