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  • Trailer
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  • Folding Trailer
  • Fifth Wheel
Estimated earnings of up to $ 4,520 per month

Earning depends on how much you use the vehicle, it's condition, where you live, and the equipment you provide.

List your RV with campanda
Are you an RV dealer?

Your RV is safe with Campanda

  • Insurance & Assistance
    Insurance and Assistance

    We offer top-of-the-line coverage that covers the full value of your vehicle, 1 million dollars in liabillity, and 24/7 Roadside Assistance so you have peace of mind.

  • You're Always in Control
    You're Always in Control

    You authorize every rental personally and decide when and to whom you rent out your RV to.

  • Personal Account Manager
    Personal Account Manager

    We provide you a dedicated account manager and take pride in making life easy for all our owners.

  • It's Free to List
    It's Free to List

    Listing your vehicle and getting rental inquires is completely free! You only pay Campanda a fee for bookings you confirm.

How it works

  • List Your RV

    Upload your pictures, pricing, vehicle information, and availabillity

  • Get Inquiries

    Sit back and let the rental inquiries roll in

  • Make Offers and Get Bookings

    Send offers to people looking to rent your vehicle and finalize the bookings

  • Rental Takes place

    Meet the renter, follow our simple handover and return process and get paid!

  • Repeat steps 2 - 4 as Many Times as You Want

    Figure out how you are going to spend all the money you make!

List your RV with Campanda

Hear from other owners who use Campanda


Toronto, CA

I got a booking within my first week of listing and made just over a thousand dollars. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself. For me, having an extra income makes my life a lot easier and I can’t drive my RV all year round so it’s nice to put it to use.


Corona, CA

I use the money I get from renting my RV out to pay off the debt I have from buying and maintaining it. If you have an RV you know these things aren’t cheap so getting money from bookings is very helpful!


Orlando, FL

The extra income is great and I enjoy meeting the renters and showing them how great RVing is. Two of the families I have rented out to keep coming back and booking the vehicle for weekend getaways!


Longview, Texas

After buying my RV 4 years ago I realized that I could only use it for 3 months of the year so renting it out is a great way to make some money with it when it would just be sitting in my driveway anyways. I have also met some really nice people and like giving them tips for their trips

Dave and Betsy

Durand, Michigan

We were hesitant to list but just did it to see if we would get any inquiries since it’s free. Before we knew it we had multiple bookings and now 1 year later we decided to buy 2 more RVs to keep the booking money coming!

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