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RV rental in Alaska, the Frozen Kingdom

Are you planning a trip to Alaska? Your bold decision should be doubled by a smart one, that of loading up your luggage for your trip through the Last Frontier in an RV. With the right RV rental in Alaska, you can see “Earth’s Frozen Kingdom” in the most comfortable and practical manner and share the experience with your loved ones.

Why Explore Alaska in an RV?

If you rent an RV in Alaska, there is no limit to the possibilities you have when planning your trip. Alaska covers a vast area, and its attractions are spread widely, so just imagine the trouble you would go through just by booking hotels all over, then unpacking and packing the whole time.

If you rent a mobile home, you can enjoy both the facilities a hotel would offer and the freedom that comes with a home on wheels. With an RV rental in Alaska, you can afford to be spontaneous and adventurous on your trip, but with the certainty that you will always have a cozy place for rest and sleep at the end of the day.

Furthermore, think about the amount of money you would save by renting an RV. Staying in a hotel means many more expenses than just paying for the room; you have to tip the staff, you will inevitably take something from the mini bar, and on top of all these, you will have to pay for gas or transportation to go sightseeing. Meanwhile with an RV rental in Alaska, you only need to pay the rent and the parking spot.

It Might Be White, but It’s Anything but Boring

Home to some of the largest national parks in the United States, Alaska does not cease to amaze its tourists at every turn. Whether your interests lie in the history of the north, in the natural landscape of the Arctic or in the culture of the indigenous people, Alaska is the place where you will surely find something interesting and worth seeing.

For those who truly appreciate nature’s greatness, both literally and metaphorically, driving their RV rental in Alaska northbound to the Denali National Park is a must. Situated in the northern part of the Alaska Range, the park is nothing short of extraordinary. It has the highest mountain in North America, it is one of the largest parks in the country, and it has breathtaking scenery. Once you are there, you can hike the spectacular paths, admire the ample river valleys and the mountain glaciers, or visit the sled dog kennels.

If you camp your RV in Fairbanks, do not pass by the University of Alaska Museum of the North without visiting it. Over 1 million exhibits will give you a glimpse of the indigenous history, traditions and culture, will introduce you to the Alaskan art and will take you back to prehistoric times. The museum also houses an impressive number of paleontology exhibits and a massive bird collection.

Driving RV rentals in Alaska area almost automatically means taking the Alaska Highway at some point. You simply cannot leave it out of your plans. Also, assign more time then you think necessary to this part of the trip, because it is impossible to drive by and not stop every 5 minutes to admire the views. The road will take you from the center of Alaska all the way to the border with Canada, and further to Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Originally built for military use, the road was rather challenging for many decades but, nowadays, it is a pleasant, very rewarding Alaskan drive.

The Eternal Question – Where to Stay?

The selection of RV camping sites is excellent. They accommodate both RV owners and renters of RV rental in Alaska. Strategically located, the parks offer you mobility throughout the most sought after parts of the state.
  • To begin with, there is Anchorage Ship Creek RV Park, which gives you the possibility to camp a few blocks away from the heart of Alaska’s largest city. On top of that, the park offers everything a recreational vehicle traveler might dream of: clean restrooms and showers, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, electric and water hook-ups, dump station, RV storage, self-service RV wash, not to mention the friendly and helpful staff.
  • Offering the same high level of comfort, but in a quieter area, there is the Skagway Mountain View RV Park. Located at the base of White Pass, the park is not far from the Borough’s historic District, which makes it a valuable option for many travelers. Word to the wise, Alaskan roads can be pretty traitorous so make sure to ask us about insurance packages for your Rv rental in Alaska.
  • The River’s Edge RV Park is considered one of the finest in the state, a paradise for travelers with RV rentals in the Alaska area. Situated in Fairbanks, on the banks of Chena River, the park is the perfect place to relax after hours of driving. It features 170 spacious sites, basic and full hook-ups, against a beautiful and serene background. Moreover, the Park offers transportation to the main attractions in the area, so you do not have to unhook every time you want to visit something around.

Campanda –Find an RV rental in Alaska and Have an Unforgettable Vacation

By now, you know some of the best places to visit, some of the best campsites for your RV, so all you have to do is choose the best RV rental in Alaska possible. Nothing simpler, choose Campanda and you are all set!

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Our pricing options are diversified, in order to accommodate your needs. Therefore, you can rent the vehicle by period, by night or by mileage. We pride ourselves in offering the lowest prices on the market, and we are ready to match any better offer you get for an RV rental in Alaska. Just give us a call and see for yourself!

You can also check out our RVs in Anchorage and Fairbanks if you're looking to pick up your RV in a particular city in Alaska.