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RV rental in Perth

If you’re thinking about visiting Australia, then make the decision to stay mobile with an RV rental in Perth from Campanda. Perth is the capital of Australia and its largest city by surface area. It also constitutes Australia’s fourth largest city by number of inhabitants. Perth has been categorized by multiple organizations as a global city. The mixture of arts, events, cuisines contribute to its international feel. It has also been named as one of the most livable cities in the world. So don’t wait! Start your Australian trip in one of our RV rentals in Perth.

Perth, Australia

So what to do when you get there. The good news is that you can do a variety of very different activities. If you are into the arts, start at the Art gallery of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum. There you will find an abundance of tasteful modern art from local as well as international artists. Furthermore, you’ll find a lot of indigenous culture; culture you wouldn’t be otherwise exposed to in your RV rental in Perth. After a long day of sightseeing why not sit down to experience a world class performance. The West Australian Opera and the West Australian Symphony orchestra offer you weekly performances that are sometimes only available in the land down under. Also be sure to check out the Perth central commercial district for a great shopping and dining experience. Next, you must check out Perth’s incredible unique fauna and biosphere. As you may already know, some of the most unique animals and plants that inhabit Perth, Australia and that’s not limited to the Perth Zoo. You can visit a number of national parks like Kings park and park your RV rental in Perth on the sand on a secluded beach. You’ll be able to take advantage of many beaches in a motorhome and when you’re done swimming, you can go more inland and check out to see if the terrain is more to your liking there. The locals of Perth say that you can experience all four seasons in one day. Your day can start extremely sunny in the morning and then windy in the afternoon and finally rainy at night. So you’ll be glad to have some shelter in an RV rental in Perth when the bad weather hits. A notable yearly festival is the Perth international arts festival, known for its modern art shows and music performances.

RV parks in Perth

Perth has three RV parks worth mentioning, all of them located in the east side of the city, so they are not directly on the beach unfortunately. Here they are in no particular order.
  • Central Caravan Park as the name implies is the most centrally located park to hook up your RV rental in Perth the right way. You’ll have access to electricity, dumping stations and water hookups. It is a little less well rated compared to the other two parks, however it makes up for that with its location.
  • Perth vineyards holiday park is a campsite and a winery. It provides you with a lot of added benefits and activities such as wine tours, wine bars, hiking and outdoor camping.
  • Discovery Parks is quite a new player in the market but has already built up a good reputation as a park with a streamlined design and a modern approach to amenities and services

Why choose Campanda to rent an RV in Perth

Campanda is the world leader in RV rentals. No other platform offers you RVs for rent in more cities, the opportunity to compare RV rentals from different suppliers and insurance to cover damages for both you and the motorhome provider. You don’t have to leave the platform when you’re looking for an RV rental in Perth or anywhere else in the world. We process your payments so that you need not worry about using your credit cards in countries you don’t fully trust and provide you with insurance so you don’t end up being liable for damages in a foreign country. You also have the opportunity to become a dealer with us and make income with your RV when you’re not using it. Campanda’s success is due to it servicing both the motorhome owner as well as the camper. So list that your campervan with us so that others may book it when they search for an RV rental in Perth.

The Product

Using the Campanda interface is very simple and intuitive and not just for Perth, Australia. You start by entering the city where you want to camp and if you’re not sure yet, you can just browse around and compare prices. You then narrow your choices by vehicle size, type, how many people it sleeps or even special amenities such as solar, size of tanks or even pet policy. Once you find a vehicle that fits your criteria, you proceed to inform the dealer of your interest in the form of an inquiry. You can send as many inquiries as you like and we encourage you to do that during the busy season especially. You’ll then receive multiple offers back, and from there, it’s as simple as paying the downpayment to reserve the vehicle. The amount will vary depending on where you are renting from, Perth and elsewhere.

Types of RV rentals

Ok so before you start sending out inquiries, make sure to decide which type of RV is right for you. For parties of 3-5 we suggest vans and C Class RVs. Vans and C Class RVs don’t need any special license or training to operate and they are more efficient means of transportation. On the other hand, if you’re more than 5 you’ll probably want to opt in for a trailer or a A or B Class RV. While these bigger models offer more comfort, they consume more fuel and are a little trick to handle on the road. If you have any questions regarding RV rentals in Perth, feel free to call our customer service representatives or consult our FAQ. And don’t forget to post your pictures on our social media sites. We’d love to hear about your Australian adventures! You can also browse our motorhomes in the following Australian cities: Adelaide - Sydney - Melbourne