RV rental Boston

Roadtrek Adventurous RS - Hingham
per night
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Roadtrek Adventurous RS a comfy, cool, classy and fun ride to your next adventure! More »
Sleeps 2Sleeps 2
Seats 7Seats 7
Location 02043 Hingham 10.5 miles away from Boston
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Dutchmen 29Q - Preston
per night
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We have a 2004 Dutchman Travel Trailer for sale. It is model 29Q. It is 29 feet long. It has two sets of bunk beds in the back. It has a queen bed in the front. It sleeps nine. You can see the layout of the RV on page 4 of More »
Sleeps 9Sleeps 9
Location 06365 Preston 74.5 miles away from Boston
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Fleetwood Colonial - Poland
per night
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Exceptionally cute and comfortable pop up camper available to rent. $70 a night or $400 a week. Delivery and setup included. You pick your campsite in the Lakes Region (Poland, Gray, NG, Oxford, Sebego, Raymond, Casco, Naples, etc) we will deliver a More »
Sleeps 6Sleeps 6
Location 04274 Poland 118.1 miles away from Boston
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Perfect RV for Families with Children - Double twin BUNKHOUSE!!! - Salem
per night
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Great travel trailer. Has all you could need and more! We require that we delivery and pick up the RV ourselves, so much easier for you right?! *Brand new 20 foot retractable awning installed February 2016. *New flooring installed April 2017. Kitchen More »
Sleeps 10Sleeps 10
Location 03079 Salem 30.7 miles away from Boston
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RV rental in Boston

It is time you paid more attention to the options we give when picking an RV rental in Boston. There is no better way to discover the history and revolutionary spirit of Boston. Explore the local museums, delight your eyes with the displayed masterpieces, attend sports events and watch a baseball game with the famous Red Sox, visit the old neighborhoods in the North End like the Little Italy community to get a taste of the local life. Your vacation will be unforgettable!

Why Boston, Massachusetts?

Boston is probably the city with the richest and most interesting history in the United States. It was founded in 1630 and witnessed many important events in the years of the American Revolution: the Boston Massacre, the Battle Bunker Hill, the Boston Tea Party, and the Siege of Boston.

It is full of reminders of that period and of what made America the free, independent and prosperous country it is today. Nowadays, the city is a thriving place when it comes to businesses, finance and entertainment. There are countless attractions and exciting things to do for owners of an RV rental in Boston, no matter their likes or priorities.

Just rent an RV in Boston, park in one of the very well-equipped campgrounds and then explore the Freedom Trail to learn about the historical sites of the city. Do not miss out on the Institute of Contemporary Art with its groundbreaking exhibits, and try to make it to a ball game in Fenway Park, another renowned location.

The Freedom Trail is a brick-lined trek that leads you through 16 historical sites, along 2.5 miles. You will see the Massachusetts State House and the Paul Revere House or the USS constitution. The ensemble is an outdoor and indoor history museum of Boston and of the entire country as well. It is the place where the American Revolution started and pays homage to the country's evolution in time.

The Museum of Science is located right outside the city in Cambridge, together with two prestigious technical schools – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. This museum aims to change the way science and technology is perceived. It is home to numerous exhibits ranging from dinosaurs that lived 65 million years ago to turbines that release energy using wind power. You can find fascinating presentations and educational activities here, easily accessible if you take one of Campanda's RV rentals Boston MA offers for your vacation.

The Boston Conservatory, founded in 1867, is the place where thousands of gifted young artists are training for promising careers in dance, music and theater, demonstrating the amazing human potential of the nation. Over 200 performances take place here annually, contributing to the institution's reputation as one if the country's leading education centers the field of performing arts. It would be a pity not to watch at least one performance while you are in Boston.

Time is precious while on vacation, so you cannot afford to waste yours on booking hotel room or switching transportation. Instead, you can look up a few campgrounds for RV rentals in Boston area and see which one is more suitable for your itinerary and your needs in terms of comfort and amenities.

Welcoming campgrounds for your RV rental in Boston

There are several places where you can camp once you decide to visit Boston with an RV:
  • Normandy Farms

  • is a luxury camping facility that will certainly create the premises for an unforgettable experience. A recreation lodge, a fitness center, a creative arts center or a dog park is just a few things you can enjoy while staying there. This is one of the best campsites and you will soon discover why. Hint it's going to depend on the size of your RV rental in Boston.
  • Ellis Haven

  • is another welcoming campground, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts just half an hour distance from Boston. It offers modern amenities and various recreational means. A swimming pond and a beach complete the attraction of the water sports, but you can also enjoy fishing, boating, mini golf and baseball on the local grounds, as well as visits to the petting zoo and dancing parties. Seasonal activities and events complete an already irresistible picture of this campground you should see for yourself.
  • Wompatuck State Park

  • is located at just 35 minutes from downtown Boston and it is one of the best parks for RV fans. It offers 140 wooded electric sites for camping, 12 miles of bicycle trials, and great landscapes place for walking and hiking. You can go fishing at the Cohasset Reservoir and refill your water reserves at the popular source of drinking water Mt. Blue Spring. If you really are in love with the outdoors, this is the place for you. Just chose one of the RV rentals in Boston area, and you are good to go.

The Benefits of Renting an RV with Campanda

It will be easy to find the right RV for your needs in our 25,000 vehicles selection. The website is easy to use, the offers are one more attractive than the other, and you have 816 pick-up spots in 32 countries to pick up the RV with ease and return it in the best conditions, after packing, unpacking and showing it to your loved ones.

If you rent one of our RVs, you will no longer need to worry about finding a hotel room and transportation between various attraction points. You can stop wherever you want and visit whatever you want. Besides, Boston camping sites provide all the amenities required to ensure the same level of comfort you used to enjoy back home. Your Boston motorhome rental will be your new home.

Our vehicles range from luxurious and elegant class A motorhomes to comfortable and cozy class B and C motorhomes, but you can choose to hook up a travel trailer to your own car or rent a van and find your way on the city's busy streets.

No matter what you decide, everything will be easier with Campanda. Besides striving to meet your expectations at all times, we have a reliable customer service you can turn to whenever you have questions, need help planning or want to change the terms of your rental agreement.

You can also check out our RVs in Springfield, MA or in the whole state of Massachusetts.