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RV rental in Ontario

Use an RV Rental in Ontario to Make Your Holiday a Breeze

Ontario is a culturally-rich and naturally vibrant city. If you are traveling to Ontario to experience its unlimited delight, there is so much for you to see. Whether you want to drive through the rainforests or visit the famous and powerful Niagara Falls or experience the city life, an RV rental in Ontario will offer you comfort and convenience in your travels.

Ontario is centrally located for easy access to the top tourist attraction site and cities.

  • Toronto to Niagara falls - 1.5 hours
  • Toronto to Windsor - 4 hours
  • Toronto to Sudbury - 4 hours
  • Toronto to Huntsville - 2.5 hours
  • Toronto to Kingston - 2.5 hours

Non-residents’ Guide to Driving in Ontario

Non-Canadian residents can hire vehicles including RVs for their trip. There are numerous car hire and RVs at the airports and railway terminals within the city. Persons over the age of 21 can hire a vehicle of their choice.

If you hire an RV rental in Ontario and intend to drive around on your own, it is important that you familiarize yourself with Canadian traffic rules and regulations. Notably, drivers in Ontario use the right hand side drive.

You can use your driver’s license from your country for the first 90 days. If you intend to stay longer, it is advisable that you apply for an international driver’s license to use after the 90 days.

Interesting Facts about Ontario

  • It is the second largest province in Canada after Quebec.
  • It is culturally rich with people from, France, Caribbean, Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, Polish, Indians, German, Chinese and Korean living there.
  • There are areas named after the various cross cultural people living in Toronto including Koreatown, China Town, Little Italy, Greektown, Little Jamaica and Portugal village.
  • Two thirds of Ontario is covered by forest.
  • One third is covered by 250,000 lakes and numerous rivers and streams.
  • Most of the major Canadian libraries, museums and galleries are situated in Ontario.

You may want to use an RV rental in Ontario to explore more about these facts and other attractions in this city.

Common Problems That Travelers Encounter

  • The challenge of finding good and affordable food.
  • Finding affordable accommodation. Obviously, when traveling to a new area, you’ll need accommodation. However, most places with a high influx of tourists tend to overprice their accommodation facilities, making them unaffordable.
  • Fixed itineraries. When touring around with a tour company, most have a predetermined itinerary unless you are on a private tour. As such, you end up seeing only places listed on the itinerary and miss out on other places you would have liked to see.
  • Limited storage space.
  • Lost luggage. Amid moving around from one car to another and changing hotels, it is common that your luggage may get lost or damaged.
  • Car rental cancellation. Many car rental companies cancel your booking if you do not show up at the agreed time. Yet, you may have experienced delays as a result of a flight delay. You get to the car management company and find your chosen car was rented out to somebody else.

Commuters who rent an RV end up solving most of these problems.

How RV Rentals in Ontario Solve Most of the Travelers’ Problems

Finding an RV rental in Ontario can eliminate these challenges. RVs for rent are well furnished with most amenities that you will need while on your trip. The leased RVs are furbished with kitchen amenities, accommodation amenities and sanitary amenities. It gives you the option to prepare your own food.

Renting an RV in Ontario is a great way to see the city while saving money on food and accommodation. You do not have to worry about finding a good and affordable accommodation facility to spend the night; your RV offers you the full package. At an affordable cost, you will find a campsite to park your RV rental for the night.

You do not have to worry about the quality of the bathroom facilities. Your RV comes with clean sanitary facilities with a good supply of clean water to keep them clean throughout your travel.

The huge storage cargo space not only allows you to bring along all the items you require but food stuffs that you can prepare.

When you are not exploring the city, you can enjoy the comfort of your rented RV. Watch TV, listen to your favorite music or take a power nap. The body of each rental RV is specially insulated to protect you from extreme weather conditions.

Find Your RV Rental in Ontario with Campanda

We orient you on Ontario’s traffic rules. All our vehicles are road-worthy. They are well-fitted with seat belts and come with emergency tool kits including a first aid kit and stop sign.

An RV rental in Ontario is well-equipped with all the amenities and accessories you want: a clean water tank, waste water tank, toilet and bathroom, kitchen, large storage area, beddings, kitchen equipment and entertainment facilities.

We offer your 24/7 road assistance while on the road with your rented RV. Whether your water tank runs out or you encounter mechanical challenges, our unmatched customer service is ready at your call to offer you the assistance you need.

We will help you put together an itinerary for your travel and answer any questions you have.

Campanda is committed to ensure that travel enthusiasts in different parts of the world can easily access an RV rental in Ontario. We have numerous RVs for you to choose from in various locations in Ontario.

Are you planning a holiday to Ontario? Call us today to book your rental RV in Ontario. We have numerous RVs for rent for you to choose from.

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