RV rental Houston

Heartland Mobile Suites Houston 44' Fifth Wheel - The Woodlands
per night
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Heartland Mobile Suites Houston 44' Fifth Wheel More »
Sleeps 4Sleeps 4
Location 77380 The Woodlands 21.6 miles away from Houston
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Keystone Passport Ultra Lite 195RB - Porter
per night
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Keystone Passport Ultra Lite 195RBWith Passport Ultra Lite, we make it easy to stamp the mind with memories, help the kids fill their pockets with precious knick-knacks, create a one-of-a-kind album of snap shots. Because Passport is lighter and full More »
Sleeps 4Sleeps 4
Location 77365 Porter 20.5 miles away from Houston
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Coachmen SPI - Porter
per night
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Coachmen SPI, 30 foor, a/c, propane heat and stove/oven, has full-size mattress and futon pad sleepers. Pick up and return from storage facility in Porter, TX. More »
Sleeps 5Sleeps 5
Location 77365 Porter 21.7 miles away from Houston
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Rv rental in Houston

For years, you’ve dreamed of taking the road trip of a lifetime. Packing up your family or friends, grabbing some snacks, pointing to a destination on the map and just driving: it’s your definition of freedom. But taking a road trip in your personal car has some limitations. In addition to the fact that space is limited, taking a big road trip in a car requires you to book hotels, camp, or couch surf along the way, which can easily put a damper on your feeling of freedom. Fortunately, there’s a solution: RV rental.

When you rent an RV in Houston, you immediately gain a home on wheels that will allow you to see the things you’ve always dreamt of. So, what are you waiting for? Secure your RV rental in Houston, Texas today and start planning the trip of a lifetime! From the Lone Star state to anywhere your heart desires!

Why an RV?

If you thought RV rental was only for adventurous seniors, think again! RVs are a great way to bring everyone you love with you to see the sights! Here are some of the biggest benefits of renting an RV:

  • More space. Say you’re driving your domestic car from Houston to Maine and you want to bring four friends. More likely than not, you and those four friends are going to be pretty sick of one another by the time you arrive. Domestic cars don’t offer space for everyone to spread out, which makes the ride uncomfortable and stressful. When you rent an RV, however, there’s more than enough room for all of your friends or family to read, sleep, or enjoy the sights – which contributes to great memories for everyone involved!
  • Incredible storage capacity. Want to head to Moab to mountain bike this spring break? Bringing all of that gear is no problem with RV rentals. RVs offer tons of storage capacity and are completely equipped to haul bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and whatever else you may need for the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Guaranteed comfort. Anyone who has ever rented a roadside motel knows that, sometimes, the rooms are less than desirable. Save yourself from dirty sheets and dingy bathrooms by renting an RV. With an RV rental, your home is wherever you park it, and you always know that you’ll be sleeping in luxury each night.

If those things alone aren’t enough to convince you that securing an RV rental Houston is the best way to kick off your next trip, you can always think about the fact that many RVs allow your pets to ride along in comfort – complete with air conditioned cabs, trailer hitches for your favorite toys, satellite navigation, and an automatic transmission for smooth sailing.

RV Rental in Houston: Picking the Right RV for You

When it’s time to select your RV rental in Houston, TX, you’ll have the chance to choose from several different options. But how do you know which of our many RV rentals is right for you? While each model of RV we carry has its distinct benefits, it’s important to choose the one that suits your individual needs as well as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of each model for your convenience.
  • Class A: Designed with comfort in mind, the Class A line is our biggest model, offering room for big groups and lots of toys. Perfect for people who want to ride in the lap of luxury throughout their entire trip.
  • Class B: Designed to offer a convenient and accessible mix of luxury and affordability, Class B models are easy to drive, comfortable to live in, and spacious enough for moderately-sized groups.
  • Class C: Class C RVs are perfect for a family vacation or a trip to that big concert with a few friends. Affordable and compact, these RVs are perfect for a laid-back trip that’s rich in memories.
  • Vans: Perfect for people who don’t want all of the bells and whistles of the Class A models, vans offer comfortable sleeping amenities with a focus on easy drivability. Enjoy the open road and sleep well at night in one of these streamlined RVs.
  • Travel Trailers: Prefer to combine the best of both worlds by taking your domestic vehicle and some mobile sleeping amenities on your upcoming trip? Check out our wide selection of travel trailers. Luxurious, convenient, and affordable, this is just what you need to take your trip to the next level.

Why Choose Campanda for Your RV Rental in Houston, TX?

While many people want to experience the freedom of the open road, many consumers believe that renting an RV will be expensive, difficult, or time-consuming. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. At Campanda, we’re dedicated to your satisfaction and we go out of our way to offer you the best RV models at the best prices. We are dedicated to providing you with a clean, safe, beautiful RV without the hassle that you’ll find at some of the other rental places. Our outstanding customer service makes the rental process as easy as possible and gets you on the road in no time. Here’s what we vow to offer our customers:

  • Incredible selection. At Campanda, we offer a selection of over 25,000 vehicles, so it’s never difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. From RVs to trailers and beyond, we have exactly the accommodations you need to make your next trip unforgettable.
  • Hundreds of pick-up locations. No matter where you are, we’ll be there with an RV. With 816 pick-up locations throughout the country, we’ll meet you wherever you’re roaming to.
  • Locations in 32 countries. Not interested in keeping your RV travel domestic? Prefer to see the ruins of Rome and the coastline of Croatia? No problem. With locations in 32 countries around the globe, Campanda makes it easy to roam without boundaries.

Don’t sacrifice your comfort or freedom on your next trip – book your RV rental in Houston, Texas today and get ready to take the trip of a lifetime!

For a more comprehensive search, don't forget to also check out our motorhomes in Texas or in near cities like Dallas, Lubbok and Fort Worth.