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2012 Heartland 4014 - Garden city
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This is a 2012 Heartland Cyclone 5th wheel that is big enough for the whole family to stay in for long periods of time. It sleeps 6 to 8 easily, has 3 slides, and has full size front load washer and dryer. It is big and heavy so you need a truck that More »
Sleeps 6Sleeps 6
Location 79739 Garden city 120.9 miles away from Lubbok

RV rental in Lubbok

Lubbock is known as “hub city” because of its central location in the South Plains. It’s also a favorite spot for campers with an RV because Texas stays warm and dry during the summer. So forget the motel and stay at one of Lubbock’s many KOA’s and RV parks in your very own RV rental in Lubbok.

Lubbock, TX. the Hub city

Founded before RV rentals in Lubbock were a thing in 1876, it is named after a former Texas ranger who was quite famous in the area for his ethics and successful track record. Lubbock sits below the Texas Panhandle so there is a lot to do in the Texan city. If you come from a northern state maybe you’ll want to sit outside and enjoy the Texan breeze with a cold brew. Texas in general offers all its visitors something very unique. The lone star state is where you’ll find America’s true rancher spirit. People are willing to help each other no matter what kind of situation arises in their RV rentals. The food is also known to satisfy all campers who opted in to rent an RV in Texas. Apart from the big portion sizes, BBQ sauce gets drizzled on everything so don’t hesitate to park your RV rental at the first steak house that meets your eye, as they will most certainly have some kind of BBQ meat specialty.

Lubbock has one landmark, the Lubbock lake landmark. RVers might be more interested in visiting the National Heritage Museum if they are into the desert outdoors and the Texas ranger way of life. Your RV rental in Lubbock TX shouldn’t just stay there however. There is much to do at Texas Tech university and its associated museum. The museum specializes in biology and modern technology, so it’s a good opportunity to park your RV rental outside of the sun and go experience the science attraction for a couple of hours.

For those campers that need to buy something the South Plains Mall offers many national retailers to shop in as well as some local Texas chain stores sure to give your cowboy boots an authentic makeover.

Parking your RV rentals in Lubbock

There are so many wide-open spaces in Lubbock where you can park overnight for free. If you’re looking to hook up your motorhome however you need to go to a KOA or mobile home park, here is a list of the most popular three parks.

  • Lubbock RV park is the most highly reviewed park of them all, it offers people a pool, basketball court, gym and is known for having some very friendly staff.
  • Commander's palace mobile home is the most affordable option if you’re looking to plug in and empty your grey water tank in a hurry. This place is great for people who don't plan on staying long. You'll find many other campers with RV rentals in Lubbock's oldest RV park.
  • Lubbock KOA offers RVers some wooden cabins to stay in while they recharge just in case they want a little more sunshine in their life. It has been described as noisy however. The Wi-Fi quality has also had poor reviews.

Campanda, the world’s biggest RV rental marketplace

At Campanda our mission is clear. To onboard as many people as possible into the RV lifestyle while providing RVs and camping gear that best suits the experience they wish to have. With over 25,000 RVs to choose from in over 40 countries, our onboarding process and selection criteria is proving itself a successful recipe for people trying to rent their dream RV. Our customer service and experience initiative starts before you book your RV rental in Lubbock and continues throughout your journey. No question is a bad question for our experienced customer support team. Whether you want to empty your grey water tank or need emergency maintenance on your alternator. Campanda is a customer focused company.

Our Product

Campanda is an all-in-one solution to search, find, compare and book RVs. Anyone may list their RV on Campanda as long as they meet our quality standards. As a potential future camper you would type in RV rental in Lubbock and then filter the results to find exactly the kind of RV that suits your needs. You could for example choose only to look at RVs that allow you to have pets or disabled-friendly vehicles. You can also narrow the search field by type of RV. Maybe you only want to look at trailers for examples or maybe you’re interested in a Winnebago that sleeps 6 people. Note that if you’re search is so specific, you can call us directly and we’ll find the vehicle you need.

Types of RVs

Here is some information you need to know about different types of RV rentals we have in Lubbock, TX.

C Class RVs are the most common and basic type of RVs. They are easy to maneuver and don’t require any special license to operate. You’ll feel like you're driving a regular sized pickup with a big box on top of your cabin. On the other hand, A and B Class RVs are a little bigger and harder to drive especially on rough terrain. Depending on which state issued your license you also might need a CDL. However, for most states you do not require one. The good news is that these RVs provide you with a large living area so that you never feel like you left home. Lubbock’s favorite motorhome is perhaps the trailer. It is easily towed and you don’t need to drive an engine you don’t fully trust. The cabin will also take advantage of more space as there are way less mechanics than in an actual motorized vehicle.

Enjoying Lubbock, TX

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about Lubbock or the logistics of renting an RV in the lone star state. After you’re done camping drop us a line on our social media accounts to let us know how your RV camping experience went in Lubbock.

You can also check out our RVs in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and Austin and the state of Texas.