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RV rental in New Zealand

For those of you who enjoy the outdoors, there is perhaps no rental worthier than an RV rental in New Zealand. An island 900 miles east of Australia, New Zealand is known for its unique and deep biodiversity. It is said that you can experience all 4 seasons at the same time when you’re in different parts of the island. So much so, it was chosen as the filming location for the cult trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. Renting an RV in New Zealand is totally worth it if you want to experience Maori culture, a culture that is 3,500 years old. RV rentals in New Zealand didn’t exist when a Dutch explorer first found the island in 1642. It wasn’t until 1840 however that the island would become a British colony. The country to this day, although economically independent, is still considered by many to be both a British colony and a great place for RVing

Must see destinations to visit with your New Zealand RV

There is so much to see in the beautiful island in the pacific ocean. Deciding what to see first will be your biggest challenge. To make it easier however, we’ve gathered a list of the best locations to park your RV rental in New Zealand.

If you want to sample the famous New Zealand wine, then spend a couple of days in Waiheke island. The service is top notch and they’ll let you park your RV rental in New Zealand's top vineyards for free. While you’re there, visit the Rotorua region in the middle of the island: an area famous for its jungles, lakes and Maori culture experiences. You’ll get to eat the local foods and bathe in the serene waters of the ancient Maori culture literally and figuratively.

If you’re into geology you can take your RV rental to some more mesmerizing places such as Milford Sound, the Franz Josef glacier and Tongariro Alpine crossing. Respectively, you’ll find some astonishing mountains and peaks, some awesome crevasses and glacier mountains, and lastly ancient lava formations and exploding warm water geysers to admire. Cathedral cove beach also comes highly recommended. It has miles and miles of underground caves to explore. Just don’t park your RV rental in New Zealand's caves as the vehicle might breakdown at any moment.

If you’ve seen the trilogy of TLOR then you are familiar with “the Shire”, the town of the hobbits. The film set actually still exists today and you can go visit it in an area called Hobbiton, like is the case for you, the producers also parked their motorhome rentals New Zealand on this stunning set.

If you wish to enjoy some aquatic activities, then make it a priority to visit Kaikoura. There you can go whale watching or snorkeling with dolphins. On the other side of the island is a famous place for kayaking as the currents make it much easier for you to reach high speeds, like the ones you reach with your RV; well maybe not that fast. That place is called Northland and Bay of islands.

If you wish to hookup, here is a list of the top parks for your RV rental in New Zealand.

  • Holiday accommodation park association of New Zealand
  • Wagon train RV tourist park
  • The NZ camping guide

Why choose Campanda

Campanda is the world's leading marketplace to rent and list RVs online. Our fleet of RVs is more than 25,000 strong and spreads in over 40 countries. This includes RV rentals in New Zealand, but also in other remote places such as Zambia, Russia, Brazil and Ecuador. On average we add 10 new vehicles to our databases a week. Our reputation for only including quality vehicle has resulted in our company and service quickly growing in the last 3 years. When you rent an RV rental in New Zealand with Campanda, you can rest assured that you are renting with the best.

The Product

Here is how the service works. Once you’ve chosen a location and entered it in our search field, you’ll get a list of RVs to choose from. You can then choose to narrow these RV rentals not just by the New Zealand location but also by number of campers sleeping, whether or not you want a pet friendly vehicle etc..

If you wish to include an unmentioned amenity on board, then include a note in your inquiry to the supplier. The supplier then has 48 hours to respond to you positively or negatively. This will lock in the price of the transaction for the next 3 days. If you choose to take him up on his offer, you’ll need to put a 20% down payment on the motorhome rental. You won’t have to pay the rest until you receive the vehicle in person. For more information about the booking procedure refer to our FAQ

Types of RV rentals in New Zealand at Campanda

At Campanda we offer you trailers, A Class RVs, B Class RVs, C Class RVs and conversion vans. Here are the major differentiators between all types.

  • trailers are usually the most economical of all RVs, they are also a good option for people who will need to leave the RV behind to be more mobile at some point in their journey.
  • C Class RVs are the most balanced, they offer RV renters in New Zealand enough space to move around and consume a moderate amount of gasoline.
  • B and A Class RVs offer you the most space. They consume a lot of fuel however and are not that easy to drive in difficult terrain. Make sure to test them in remote place when you’re driving them for the first time.
  • conversion vans are the most mobile of all RVs. Nowadays some of them even come with toilets. However it offers campers the least amount of space.
  • We hope you have an amazing time in New Zealand. Don’t forget to post your pictures on our Facebook page. Want to browse a particular location in New Zealand. Start with these major cities: Auckland - Queenstown - Christchurch - Picton