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'Ramblin Vans' 2010 Chevy Express 5-Person Fully Stocked Camper Van - Bend
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The Family Camper, know affectionately as Midnight, is perfect for that family vacation that you've been waiting to take! Midnight has the ability to seat 5 people, and will sleep 2+ inside. A rooftop CVT (Cascade Vehicle Tent) can also be rented f More »
Sleeps 5Sleeps 5
Seats 5Seats 5
97701 Bend 97701 Bend
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'Ramblin Vans' Ford E150 Fully Stocked 2-Person Camper Van - Bend
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The White Camper is perfect for a honeymoon, a father/daughter roadtrip, a fishing trip, a bike name it! This particular van is roomy on the inside with loads of space for your gear, bags, and adventure toys. The bed is slightly larger th More »
Sleeps 2Sleeps 2
Seats 2Seats 2
97701 Bend 97701 Bend
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RV rental in Oregon

Does an adventurous vacation mean compromising on the level of comfort in Oregon? Does adding a little glamour to your holiday mean you will have a dull, unexciting time? Well, it should not! People who think you cannot afford spontaneity and a bit of extravagance at the same time have clearly have not considered the numerous RV rentals Oregon offers.

Travelling in a recreational vehicle allows you to choose the level of comfort you enjoy, thanks to the rich variety of vehicles available on the market. From luxurious Class A RVs to fully equipped vans, it is your choice how much sophistication you want to add to your trip.

No matter what you choose, your freedom will not be restricted. You can drive your fancy campervan in Oregon on the most rustic road you can find, and when you finally stop, it will be like stepping out from a 5-star hotel right in the middle of the wilderness.

What passionate traveler has not thought about this at least once? Well, now you can do more than just think about it, you can make it happen with Campanda! We would love to help, and we believe that the best way to do that would be through an affordable but unpretentious RV rental in Oregon.

The Beaver State – “Open” for Visiting All Year Round

In Oregon, you will have something to do or see throughout the year. It has beaches and mountains, lakes and waterfalls, hosts cultural events and fun festivals, and it is the place where everybody will find something entertaining and enjoyable.

  • The fifth oldest park in the States, the Crater Lake National Park is the only national park in Oregon. It is situated in the south part of the state, and since its establishment in 1902, it is one of the most popular attractions in Oregon. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. It is accessible only by walking, which makes it even more alluring. Swimming and fishing are allowed, and the lake also offers boat tours. The park has many trails with astonishing views, and you could easily lose track of time here if you travel in your RV rental OR unit.
  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival, held annually in Ashland, produces a number of 11 plays throughout the whole season, which is from February until November. The Festival started in 1935 with only two plays, Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice. Over the years, it has become a very popular festival in the region, gathering acclaimed directors and actors. Over 100,000 visitors come each year to see the plays. So, if you drive your RV rentals in Oregon area, do not hesitate to buy a ticket.
  • If you find yourself near Salem, you have to stop by the Enchanted Forest Park. Housing attractions for all ages, the park is a favorite among children and adults alike. The Storybook Lane, the English Village, the Big Timber Log Ride, the Summer Comedy Theatre, the Challenge of Mondor are only a few of the numerous attractions found inside the gates of the Enchanted Forest.

RV Rentals in Oregon still have to park

Hee Hee Illahee RV Resort may have a funny sounding name, but nothing about it lacks seriousness and professionalism. The park is located in the Willamette Valley and is one of the best-rated RV campgrounds in Oregon. All sites are paved and have a patio, full hookups, Wi-Fi internet and expanded cable TV. The facilities are nothing short of excellent: spotless family restrooms and showers, a full kitchen, ample laundry room. For entertainment, the park offers a heated gazebo with a barbecue grill, an indoor Jacuzzi spa, a seasonal pool, playground, ping-pong tables, a library and a fitness room. On top of all these, it has 24-hour surveillance.

Between Sandy River and Beaver Creek, you will find an excellent campground for RV rentals in Oregon area. Sandy Riverfront RV Resort is a place with great amenities, and it has the advantage of being just minutes away from breathtaking sceneries. One particularly spectacular view is offered by Columbia Gorge. The park itself is packed with facilities that will make your stay here more than comfortable. There are over 100 sites with full hook-ups and a table for your RV rental in Oregon. More than half of them are paved and they all have plenty of space for slide-outs. The access to the Wi-Fi internet connection is free, the restrooms and showers are clean, the laundry facility is well-equipped, and you also have the possibility to wash your RV.

If you think you had enough of hiking for the day and you decide to have a swim in the ocean, find an RV rental in Oregon and park it at Astoria / Warrenton / Seaside KOA in Hammond. The friendly staff will help you accommodate and make your way through the camp. The place is clean and well-maintained with lots of entertaining opportunities for the entire family. While you camp here, you can cross Youngs Bay to Astoria and attend the Midsummer Scandinavian Festival.

3 Reasons to choose Campanda as Your RV rental and service provider

  • Experience
  • – We have years of experience in RV rentals and we are, not only in Oregon, but all around the world. Therefore, we are highly intuitive of our clients’ needs. We provide all types of recreational vehicles, all in top shape and ready to hit the road. Whether you want a van, a trailer or a mobile home, we will find the best model for you in no time!
  • Professionalism
  • – Throughout the years, we have developed high-quality standards to offer the best RV rental OR services to our customers. Our website is easy to navigate, our staff is friendly and respectful, and using our services is a pleasant experience for anyone.
  • Resources
  • – We have over 25,000 vehicles available for you to choose from. We operate in 32 countries, from 816 pick-up locations. You can imagine your motorhome vacation as exotic as you please; we are here to make it happen, just give us a chance!

    If you have decided for Oregon this year, give us a call and find out our pick-up locations in the Beaver State. But hurry, because your RV rental in Oregon won't wait forever!

    You can also check out our RVs in Portland, and the West Coast in general.