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Coachmen freelander - Cocoa
per night
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Coachmen freelander More »
Sleeps 8Sleeps 8
Seats 6Seats 6
Location 32927 Cocoa 34.9 miles away from Orlando
Forest River Wolf pup - Satellite Beach
per night
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Forest River Wolf pupOur family absolutely loves this camper. Its just the right size and weight for easy towing and parking, and has all the amenities to make your camping trip perfect! This camper has the best sleeping setup in the small travel tr More »
Sleeps 5Sleeps 5
Location 32937 Satellite Beach 53.5 miles away from Orlando

RV rental in Orlando, FL

For years, you’ve been dreaming about taking the road trip of a lifetime: heading down Route 66 and exploring the red rocks of the Southwest before shooting out to the West Coast and up into the rugged Rockies. Until now, though, it’s always been out of reach. It’s difficult to take a large trip like that in a domestic car and hotel fees add up when you’re on the road for days or even weeks. Fortunately, you don’t have to dream anymore. Campanda is a trusted RV rental company that can help make your dream trip a dream come true. Contact us today to learn more about securing an RV rental in Orlando.

Finding an RV rental in Orlando: The Campanda advantage

At Campanda, we offer a selection of 25,000 RVs to choose from. We also offer 816 pick-up locations in 32 countries around the globe, so our services won’t ever fence you in. We’re a trusted name in RV rentals and we’re exactly the team you need to get on the road for the trip of a lifetime. Whether you’re taking the kids on a grand adventure or making the round of summer festivals with your friends, our clean, safe, spacious RVs will give you the perfect places to keep the memories flowing. When you work with Campanda, here’s what you can expect from your RV rental in Orlando:

  • Low prices. We guarantee the best rates around and, to back our word up, we’re happy to match a lower price that you find somewhere else. We know that staying on-budget is important when it comes to travel, and we’ll do everything in our power to help ensure you don’t spend more than you want to.
  • Huge selection. Do you need an RV that can accommodate the whole family on the way to Grandma’s 90th birthday on the other side of the country? Maybe you just want a simple camper van that you can wander across the country with for a few weeks. No problem. No matter what you’re looking for, from luxurious to pared-down, our selection has within it the perfect RV for you.
  • Safe vehicles. At Campanda, there’s nothing more important than your safety, which is why we offer safe, clean, well-serviced vehicles that drive off the lot with no issues each and every time. This allows you to start your vacation without stress and to keep the good feelings rolling the entire time you’re on the road.
  • Helpful support staff. We know that you’re probably not an RV expert and, when you work with us, you don’t have to be. At Campanda, we staff a team of friendly support personnel who are dedicated to taking the time to answer your questions compassionately, honestly, and completely. We want nothing more than to help you find the right RV rental in Orlando for your unique trip and it is our outstanding customer support that truly sets us apart from the competition. Contact our support staff today to learn more about your RV options!

Finding the Perfect RV rental in Orlando

Once you’ve decided to give yourself the gift of a great trip, it’s time to start the fun work of deciding which RV you’ll do it in. We offer a large selection of RVs for every budget and every need. Our Class A RVs, for example, are our largest and most luxurious offering, coming fully equipped with ample storage and sleeping space and amenities like kitchenettes, air conditioning, satellite navigation, and much more. Ideal for large family or group vacations, a Class A RV promises to keep everyone comfortable as you roll down the open road.

If you’re looking for an option that offers many of the same amenities while also being budget-friendly, consider our Class B & C RVs. The perfect blend of function and affordability, these RVs are perfect for smaller families or groups or for people who don’t have an unlimited budget for their trip. These RVs are comfortable, classic, and ideal for any trip you may be taking – long or short.

If you’re planning on being on the road for weeks at a time, a great option is a travel trailer. Perfect for camping out in the everglades region of the state or touring the beaches and coves surrounding Orlando, travel trailers are highly transportable, user-friendly, comfortable, and efficient. Additionally, they handle well on narrow, winding roads and keep your family and friends comfortable when you stop to settle in for the night.

If you’re planning a short trip and want an option that offers more room than a domestic car but not as much room as one of our larger RVs or trailers, consider a camper van. Vans are a comfortable, efficient, and affordable option for people who want their trip to be pared-down and simple.

No matter which of our many options you choose to go with, we can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the experience RV travel offers you. We offer quality, well-maintained vehicles at affordable prices in order to help all of our customers travel the way they’ve always dreamed of. And, as always, our support staff is here to help you with any questions you may have regarding RV rentals in Orlando, FL.

Why Choose Campanda?

When you want to rent an RV in Orlando, Campanda is the obvious choice. From our low prices to our satisfaction guarantees, we’re an RV rental company that goes above and beyond for our customers. From helping you find the perfect RV to get on the road with to supporting you every step of the way, from planning to execution, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another RV rental company that cares about your travel experience as much as we do. Contact Campanda about your RV rental in Orlando, FL today and find out what sets us apart from the competition in and around the Orlando area.

You can also check out our RVs in Miami, Florida, Jacksonville or the entire USA.