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Chevy 5500C - Gulfstream Kodiak This is your next great adventure vehicle. It can pull all your 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, rzr or even another vehicle. This RV is like your own private hotel and yes even that king size bed you want to relax in after lon More »
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RV rental in Spokane

Want to visit Spokane WA? Don’t want to check in and out of hotels all the time? The answer is simple. Rent an RV in Spokane with Campanda. With a fleet of over 25 thousand vehicles, we are the obvious choice for your RV rental in Spokane WA.

Spokane, the 2nd largest city in Washington and a gateway for Alaska and Canada

Spokane was established in in the 1880’s, as a trade center for gold and silver. It grew very quickly during its first 50 years. Today it is a gateway city for visiting Canada and Alaska and a city full of history and joyful people. This city isn’t just a destination where you can find a great RV rental in Spokane. It is also the birthplace of father’s day! Giving the city of brotherly love a run for its money. Spokane was also featured on the sitcom “Frasier”, not in the episode where he rides with his family in an RV road trip, but in an episode where he was doing a guest radio show that went terribly wrong.

It is a city of around 200,000 people but many have described it as feeling like a larger city. If you’re thinking of making a stop with your RV rental in Spokane, here are a couple of destinations you should check out.

  • Northwest museum of arts and culture is a nice museum to check out. It contains some old artifacts from the 8000 year old natives that lived in the area when game was plentiful but also a lot of early American history artifacts from around the time the city was established.
  • The Skywalk network is a network of raised pedestrian tunnels that connect various buildings to each other in downtown Spokane. It is not the biggest skyline network in the world not even the states and you can’t drive through it with your very own Campanda RV either, but it’s quite unique nonetheless.
  • A Gateway to Alaska and Canada, Spokane might be a great place to rent your RV for a more competitive price. You can then drive your way up to Alaska and enjoy miles and miles of the northern terrain’s majestic and serene beauty.

Where to Park you RV rental in Spokane, WA

  • North Spokane RV campground is perhaps best located if you need to hook up your rig and get some restful downtime on your way to Alaska and the northern territories. The ratings for this park are very strong and it’s competitively priced.
  • Park Lane motels suites and RV parks is more centrally located in Spokane. Solid reviews and a diverse amount of services will ensure both yourself and your RV rental in Spokane get treated well.
  • Trailer inns RV parks of Spokane is very closely located to Park Lane’s station. This park boasts a famous hot chocolate beverage known among regular RVers!

Spokane WA and the Rest of the world, Why choose Campanda to rent your RV?

You’ve decided you want to experience nature at its fullest, that hotels, motels and inns just won’t do it for you. Here at Campanda we offer you the opportunity to compare vehicles from hundreds of dealers and individuals.

Who we are

Campanda is a platform where you can rent or lease your RV online. Our mission is to provide people in Spokane with the best RV rental Spokane has to offer. But it doesn’t stop there, we have RVs in all 50 states and in 10 countries around the world, and a vetted Customer Support team that will give people who rented RVs in Spokane the attention they deserve. We are committed to travelers and RVers and to the motorhome community as a whole.

The Product

As mentioned, our platform will allow you to compare RV rentals from different cities and providers. In this case, you will for example indicate via the filters that you wish to book or inquire about an RV rental in Spokane. We then show you the results from different sources based on the presets you have selected. You can then choose to look at the suppliers in Seattle for example, making thus your inquiry one about an RV rental in Seattle. In this fashion you can plan your trip based on RV deals without ever having to leave the platform.

Whether you're looking for an RV rental in Spokane or elsewhere, there are multiple filters you can apply to your RV search. You can filter the results by price, type of RV and amenities such as A/C/heater capabilities, pet friendliness, electrical capacity, etc..) You can also submit requests to us directly if you’re looking for something very specific, like a solar panel or a handicap-friendly vehicle. We are happy to receive all types of special requests.

Our RV rentals by type

There is a lot to choose from when looking to pick an RV for your upcoming trip to Spokane. First, would you like a motorized or nonmotorized vehicle? There is a difference in price of about 20% on average. More importantly you need a vehicle that is able to tow it. It is possible but not advisable to tow trailers for long distances unless you have a V8. Most of the RVs you find in Spokane are C Class RVs however. These make for a good choice because of how much they resemble vehicles you are familiar with. B class and A class RVs sometimes require special licenses to operate depending on which state issued yours.

We work hard for you to enjoy your trip

Our state of the art staff is here to help you along the way. Whether you need help or information to book your RV rental in Spokane or you have an emergency situation during your trip, our experts are ready to give you all the assistance you need. We are 100% committed to your satisfaction and your RV rental needs in Spokane.

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