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Jayco Jay feather ultralite - Tucson
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Jayco Jay feather ultralite....fantastic family friendly floor plan. Wonderful condition...sleeps 8!! Best of all...tow with your V8 SUV!! More »
Sleeps 8Sleeps 8
85757 Tucson 85757 Tucson
2018 Jayco Redhawk 31XL - Tucson
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Easy to drive, 6 six speed automatic transmission, seat belts for 8, power seat, windows and mirrors, dishes and kitchen utensils included, pots & pans, Keurig coffee maker, 32" swing-a-way TV, antenna booster, DVD player, gas or charcoal barbecu More »
Sleeps 10Sleeps 10
Seats 8Seats 8
85747 Tucson 85747 Tucson
"Fabulous awesome camping /vacation machine"  - Tucson
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My 2014 Fleetwood Jamboree SearcherRV is known foe excellent quality construction. You'll wish that everything was built like my Jamboree. Enjoy extended season camping and tow your toys along with Jamboree 's big towing capacity. It's also easy to More »
Sleeps 6Sleeps 6
Seats 6Seats 6
85747 Tucson 85747 Tucson

RV rental in Tucson, Camping the Grand Canyon

Are you thinking of taking a cruise around the sunny and beautiful “Grand Canyon State?” It is a great time to do it, especially since you can leave your home without sacrificing the comfort you are used to. Just take a look at our RV rentals in Tucson, and everything will begin to make sense! Add great customer support and our lowest prices guarantee to the already irresistible RV selection, and you will have a hard time waiting for the pick-up date and the start of your voyage towards relaxation.

Are you tired of filling up your car with supplies for a long road trip, only to notice in the end that you have no space left for yourselves or the souvenirs you come across along the way? Besides compromising your comfort and the functionality of your car when you fill it up to the brim with things you will most likely not need for the trip, you also make the whole experience quite annoying.

It will bother you and the people around when someone just fumbles around for the water bottle or moves around for leg space. The occasions when one might want to get some sleep will become real outrages, unless you have at least a travel trailer in Tucson to rely on.

Luckily, at Campanda, we have flexible and affordable RV rentals in Tucson, AZ to fix all of your space and comfort-related problems. We can provide you with the perfect vehicle for the trip of a lifetime. But before we get into the details of who we are and what we do, let us first see what you will enjoy by taking us up on our offer.

RV Rental in Tucson - Benefits Overview

  • Independent living - You and your family do not have to go through the sometimes expensive process of renting out hotel or motel rooms in an area you will probably not enjoy. You can just park your RV under the stars, start a campfire, enjoy a drink in the wilderness with friends and family, all the while knowing that the comfortable Tucson RV beds will offer a good night's rest.
  • No maintenance costs – Your RV rental in Tucson, Arizona will be ready for the trip, and your only responsibility will be fueling it up every now and then and, eventually, keeping it clean. Your car will see no wear and tear if you rent a motorhome or less than the usual if you rent a travel trailer.
  • High mobility - Carrying luggage in and out of hotels can be tiresome. Add to that the time spent packing everything back in a small trunk. On our website, you will find spacious vehicles with many useful features (including air conditioning for those hot Tucson nights), making you feel like you are in the comfort of your own home, while still travelling towards your dream destination!
  • The list is much longer, but since you have surely caught the basics, let's move on to what makes RV rental vacations in Arizona really fascinating!

A Taste of Wild West

While the Grand Canyon National Park is the most famous landmark to visit in Arizona, your RV rental in Tucson is an investment that should not go to waste on a single trip. Besides the breathtaking sights of the Grand Canyon, you can take the RV for a spin north of there to the beautiful emerald waters of Horseshoe Bend.

Arizona is known for its spectacular deserts, especially because of the towering sandstone buttes of Monument Valley near Utah. This area will really bring out the "Wild Wild West" feeling when you drive down the highway in your RV blasting your favorite tunes.

This does not mean that Arizona is a barren desert with no vegetation. From the Kaibab National Forest in the north to the Coronado National Forest in the south, Arizona is teeming with beautiful sights for the touring family. Head out in this direction for some quality Arizona camping in your Tucson RV to enjoy: hiking, fishing, hunting and various other outdoor activities and you will not regret it!

If impressive structures are your kind of thing, over towards Nevada you can visit the majestic Hoover Dam, from which you can get splendid views of the Colorado River. Touring companies in the area will offer to take you on skywalks over the Grand Canyon, which will sure be breathtaking!

Speaking of impressive, the perfect spot for quick trips in RV rentals in the Tucson area is the Meteor Crater near Flagstaff. The mile-long crater is considered the best-preserved meteorite crater on Earth, and thousands of people visit it each year.

Since the site is in the middle of the harsh Tucson desert, the air-conditioned RVs will keep you cool for your even cooler holiday. There is even motorhome rentals in Tucson, AZ parked in nearby areas fulfilled by plenty of amenities for all ages, including outdoor games for the children, Wi-Fi Internet access for the occasional teenager who cannot live without social media, restrooms, showers, ATMs and many other facilities.

Should the weather get too hot for you, you can visit the fishing spots and water sport resorts of Lake Havasu City, a genuine oasis in the Arizonan desert landscape. In between water skiing bouts, you can check out the Lake Havasu City hot air balloon carnival.

Why Choose Campanda for Your RV Renting in Tucson, AZ Needs?

  • We are a multinational company with a great track record for RV rentals, over 25,000 vehicles for you to choose from and 816 pick-up places in 32 countries around the globe.
  • Our offers include top-notch vehicles ready for the road, so you can hop in and start your journey in peace without the long waiting periods most rentals could involve. From the luxurious Class A motorhomes (for maximum comfort away from home) or the more affordable class B & C models to travel trailers and vans for those who want just a bit more space for their camping items, you can be sure that our selection of vehicles will fit any taste and luggage!
  • Travel experts are at your disposal to recommend the optimal type of vehicle for the trip you are planning. Whether you want a quiet camp-out with the family, an outdoors bash with your friends, or just a restful drive by yourself on the open road to clear your head of day-to-day stress.
  • We also guaranteed the lowest prices for campervan rentals in the Tucson area. If you manage to find a better deal on one of our vehicles, the difference will be refunded, no questions asked!
  • We do not expect you to take our word on anything, but there are thousands of happy customers out there vouching for our trustworthiness. Besides, Arizona has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the country, and the best way to enjoy them is to rent an RV in Tucson. We have the best offers, you have the power of decision: let us seal a mutually convenient RV rental in Tucson for you!

You can also check out our RVs in Phoenix, or the state of Arizona if you can't quite find what you're looking for.