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Keystone Bullet - Ripon
per night
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Keystone Bullet More »
Sleeps 8Sleeps 8
95366 Ripon 95366 Ripon
2000 Newmar Dutch Star - Oakdale
per night
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Two slides, 38’ long. Full queen bed. More »
Sleeps 4Sleeps 4
Seats 2Seats 2
95361 Oakdale 95361 Oakdale
Big Luxury, Small Package 2016 Windsport 29M class A - Coarsegold
per night
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This is the perfect American RV. It is just small enough to fit it almost all of America's National Parks but loaded with the luxury amenities worthy of a much longer, bulkier, Class A motorcoach. That is why after years of owning every type, size an More »
Sleeps 6Sleeps 6
Seats 6Seats 6
93614 Coarsegold 93614 Coarsegold
Winnebago 1700BH - Santa Nella
per night
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Winnebago 1700BH come with sewer hoses fresh water hose hose for black water tank cleanout. with 30 amp extension cord and 30 at hook up cord. Will come with hitch and anti-sway and weight distribution hitch if needed. only 3000 dry he can be tow More »
Sleeps 6Sleeps 6
95322 Santa Nella 95322 Santa Nella
2003 Minnie Winnie  - Dinuba
per night
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This Rv is a oldie but a goodie it has made some fun memories for me and my family we have been to a lot of country concerts and have met some legends in this RV. It has everything you need. It’s like a home away from home so big and comfy for eve More »
Sleeps 6Sleeps 6
Seats 2Seats 2
93618 Dinuba 93618 Dinuba

RV rental in Yosemite

There is no better way to experience the outdoors then in your very own RV rental in Yosemite Valley, CA. Yosemite has been declared a a world heritage site and has been protected ever since the late 19th century. The park spans over 748,000 acres and welcomes 3.8 million visitors a year. Apple has named one of its operating system after the park to pay tribute to its sheer magnificence. Here at Campanda, RV rentals Yosemite are the flagship rentals of our US distribution network.

Yosemite Valley, North CA

Although most tourists stay in the 18 mile square valley of Yosemite, the park extends far beyond it. Known for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, giant sequoias and mineral formations, there is a lot that meets the eye when you exit your RV rental in Yosemite and enter into this vast wilderness.

For example, the park mothers 7000 different types of plants, 300 of which are considered rare. They are rare because they need the special soil that earths Yosemite, a soil that is low enough in nitrogen but having an abundance of other minerals. The Sierra Nevada extending east of the park, has played a huge role in establishing a suitable climate and creating a natural barrier for other more common plants to invade Yosemite. There were however a couple of close calls before people could book an RV rental in Yosemite. For example, when European settlers arrived, they brought with them 3 species of plants that almost wiped out what made Yosemite truly special.

Yosemite has also been home to humanity for over 3000 years when it was inhabited by the Ahwahneechee people, roughly translated to nomads in modern English. The site didn’t become a touristic location until an entrepreneur by the name of James Mason Hutchings took a couple of sketchers and artists in a vehicle that predates a modern vehicle to make a special magazine issue about the splendor of the area. People quickly began to show interest and started going there in large quantities (in a caravan not an RV rental in Yosemite) and in the late 19th century a hotel by the name of the Wawona hotel was erected to welcome the caravans only to be followed by more and more hotels and tradesmen. 20 years later however, the state reclaimed the park back from its private owner and the overall experience of the park has been getting better ever since that moment, establishing meanwhile a textbook example of legislative disputes between the state and the private sector.

Parking your RV rental in Yosemite

There are 10 campgrounds to park your motorhome in the great Yosemite park. Camp 4 is especially beneficial to people who are interested in rock climbing because of its proximity to good climbing terrain. It is advisable to rent your lots as early as possible by phone or online. Yosemite park also offers you the chance to rent slots on the spot however most of those designated first come first served slots get filled up by noon in the busy season (April-September).

The park rangers will not allow you to park your RV overnight on the side of the road or in general purpose parking lots, so make sure to get there early with your rented campervan if you haven’t already booked it online.

Why choose Campanda

Campanda is the world’s first and biggest online platform to rent RVs from all suppliers worldwide. Prior to making the RVs available to you, we make sure that it passes our quality and safety standards. We have over 25,000 RVs to choose from in over 40 countries. An RV in Sub-Saharan Africa is just a couple of clicks away if it’s the RV rental you desire. But for now let’s focus on RV rentals in Yosemite. Here is how you use the website.

The Platform

First you have to indicate which city you’re renting the RV from, then you further filter the parameters based on which amenities are important for you. You can choose to look at RVs for 12 people or you can choose to just look for 5th wheel rentals. Also be mindful that certain RVs won’t accommodate dogs so make sure to specify this kind of information in your search as well.

We can also handle special requests. When you make an inquiry, detailing inside when you would like to rent the vehicle, you can choose to include special requests such as camping chairs, a bike rack or an electrical generator, if the option isn’t already available on the inquiry form. If you still can’t find the right options on your motorhome, give us a call an we’ll look for the RV you need.

If you’re just looking for general information, you can find it on our FAQ.

Choose your perfect RV rental in Yosemite

There are multiple type of RVs available for you to rent. Let’s start with the ones without an engine. Trailers are a comfortable option because you get to drive your own vehicle, a vehicle you’re familiar with. They come without any mileage restrictions and some have the option to charge up straight from your car battery. Second you have C Class RVs. These are not very difficult to maneuver and never require special drivers’ licenses to operate. They sleep 4 to 5 people and are a good option for people who never rented RVs in Yosemite before. Next you have A & B Class RVs. They are much larger and consume a lot of gasoline, but the comfort you get from slumbering in one is unmatched. You’ll find a lot of them in Yosemite because they often house parties of 8 people and more. Just make sure to check out if you need a CDL to to operate one. This usually depends on the state that issued your driver’s license. Lastly, conversion vans are the most economical option. They have been becoming quite streamlined in recent years offering their campers both comfort and efficiency.

We hope you enjoy glamping in Yosemite. Don’t forget to post your picture or drop us a line on social media after your trip.

You can also check out our RVs in Nevada and California.