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“The best part of Campanda is the customer service.”

At Campanda, top-notch customer service is our number one priority. So we’re always thrilled to get notes like this one from our happy members:

“The best part of Campanda is the customer service. My wife and I have used another RV rental site. The downside was their lack of customer service.

We encountered an emergency while delivering our camper, and when we tried to contact the rental site, we found they had no phone support …

With Campanda, I was pleasantly surprised by the ability to call and have a real live person talk to me. To me, for both the owners as well as for the renter, customer service is vital to the success of the process. 

We greatly appreciate the support we get from Campanda and look forward to a successful business relationship.”

P.S. Dylan is a pleasure to speak with.

Happy RV owners,
Dave and Faith Poore

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