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The Coolest Handmade RVs, Mobile Homes & Trailers For Sale

People are tired of mass production. It might be hard to tell when you’re standing in the aisles of Walmart or Target, but an appreciation for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind beauty is on the rise. More and more people are returning to an older way of buying things — aiming to buy (or make) fewer but higher quality goods that are more personal and long-lasting than their big-factory counterparts. You can find evidence of this trend everywhere, from the #slowliving feed on Instagram to the handmade/vintage e-commerce marketplace Etsy to your coworker that has suddenly taken up artisanal bread-making. And the world of RVs is no exception. Customized and homemade RVs are all over Pinterest, offering inspiration for ambitious DIY-ers. Some are available for rent on Campanda. And there are scores of companies around the world offering beautiful, handcrafted trailers, motorhomes and other RVs for sale. We rounded up 15 of our favorite (mostly wooden) handmade RVs that you can actually buy. Whether you’re an RV enthusiast, a prospective tiny home owner or you simply appreciate good old-fashioned quality craftsmanship, you’re sure to love these stunning RVs and motorhomes.

Casual Turtle Campers

1. Terrapin

Casual Turtle was, in their own words, “founded on the belief that wood is good, small can be comfortable, and that there is still room for simplicity in this increasingly complex world.” The “Terrapin” trailer camper was inspired by small trailers from the 1950s and 1960s and each trailer takes up to 12 weeks to complete. Designed for functionality, these wooden trailers are perfect for road trips and weekend adventures. Prices start at $8,850.

Homegrown Trailers

2. Woodland

Based in Washington state, Homegrown Trailers promotes healthy, environmentally-conscious living with its sustainable, handcrafted trailers. Their “Woodland” trailer comes in two layouts and features solar panels, a composting toilet and energy-efficient appliances in a wood-paneled teardrop shape. The standard model starts at $35,495.

Sprouting Sprocket Studio

3. Hütte Hut

Described as “a veritable jewel box on wheels” by Fast Company and “unbelievably gorgeous” by Automobile Magazine, the Hütte Hut is a modern, minimalist take on the classic teardrop camper. Finished to luxury automotive standards, this lightweight trailer is as well-built as it is beautiful. Each trailer is made to order in Santa Barbara, California. It’s hardly a “budget” option — prices start at $63,900 for 44 square feet — but you’d be hard-pressed to find superior craftsmanship or quality anywhere on the market.


4. Fieldsleeper International

The Dutch company Tonke doesn’t mess around when it comes to their materials. Not only do their RVs look beautiful, they’re also made to last. The “Fieldsleeper International” demountable camper — the only self-propelled RV on this list — is built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and features solar power and interior detailing inspired by high-end yacht construction. Prices start at $180,935 (€145,644), excluding shipping from the Netherlands.


5. Traveler

ESCAPE’s gorgeous mobile tiny homes are hand-crafted in their RVIA-inspected Wisconsin plant and are designed to withstand both extreme weather and the most discerning eye. The “Traveler” is 25 feet long, with 269 square feet of living space and features cedar lap siding with pine interiors. This light-filled mobile home starts at $66,000.

6. Vista

The “Vista” comes in three options — including a 21-foot model that’s perfect for a moveable guest house or home office and the (even more) mobile 16-foot “Vista GO,” which was designed with weekend getaways in mind. Prices start at $38,600 for the smaller Vista GO trailer.


7. Wohnwagon

Built from durable and sustainable materials, the “WOHNWAGON” (“Living Wagon” in German) is an off-grid, energy-efficient and eco-friendly RV that packs a lot of style into as little as 174 square feet. This mobile home is self-sustaining (goodbye utility bills!) thanks to its solar panels, rainwater-collecting roof, composting toilet and green heating system. It’s interior is warm and welcoming — and fully customizable. Prices start at around $62,590 (€50,500), excluding international shipping from Austria.

Portland Alternative Dwellings

Okay, we cheated. These next two homes-on-wheels aren’t really for sale — but their blueprints are!

8. Salsa Box

Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD) connects do-it-yourselfers with the resources to build their own tiny dwellings. If you’re on a budget (and feeling ambitious), their plans will help you build your very own mobile home for a fraction of the cost of pre-made models. The “Salsa Box” is one of their off-grid options. This 93-square-foot trailer looks like a garden shed but contains a convertible double bed, dropdown table, functional kitchen and composting toilet and shower. The materials for construction can cost as little as $8,000 (plus $49 for the blueprints)!

9. Miter

This modern tiny home-on-wheels fits on a 16’6″ trailer and can be built with $22,000 in materials (plus $79 for the plans). The interior features a sleeping loft, kitchen, convertible dining area and full bathroom — all finished with warm wood and contrasting metal for a sleek and minimalist look.

High Camp Trailers

10. Teardrop

Based in Portland, Oregon, High Camp Trailers specializes in handcrafting classic teardrop campers. With a sleek aluminum exterior and warm birch-paneled cabin, this tiny trailer is a minimalist’s dream. It includes a queen-sized bed and small galley kitchen and is perfect for weekend camping trips. Prices start at $16,350.

Zyl Vardos

11. Music Box

We know, we know. We’re venturing into real “tiny house” territory here. But if you’re a full-time RVer who tends to park your home for months at a time, the mobile tiny homes from Zyl Vardos may be just the ticket. This Washington-based company has been making petite houses since 2007 and specializes in creating timeless structures with thoughtful, handcrafted details like hand-finished cabinetry and windows. The “Music Box” is 24 feet long and offers surprisingly roomy accommodations with built-in furnishings. Details like a curved roof, skylight and handmade furniture make this tiny mobile house feel like home. Prices start at $70,5000.

12. Fortune Cookie

The “Fortune Cookie” comes in two sizes — 18 feet or 22 feet in length — and was designed to withstand colder climates. In addition to handmade windows and doors, this home-on-wheels features a queen-sized sleeping loft, kitchenette and handcrafted armoire. Prices start at $58,000.


13. Collingwood

The father/son team behind Ontario-based Güte is dedicated to harmonious, quality craftsmanship — and it really shows. Every one of their custom-built Shepherd Huts is beautifully constructed and designed to impress for years to come. Set on a purpose-built chassis and fitted with seven-spoke cast-iron wheels, these homes are moveable but not designed for frequent journeys on the road. But if you move your home only occasionally, you can’t top a Güte for timeless beauty. Just take a look at the 17-foot “Collingwood” model, which starts $21,400 and comes in a variety of finishes. We love the extra sense of space provided by the light wood interior and curved walls.

14. Classic

The “Classic” Shepherd Hut is the perfect way to live out your Oregon Trail fantasies in comfort. It measures 12 feet in length (all the models are 7.5 feet wide) and is outfitted with modular furniture to maximize the small space. Prices start at $17,090.

15. Tobermory

Starting at $19,900, this 16-foot shingled beauty comes fully furnished and offers a range of paint, flooring and cladding options. Large, thermal-paned windows let in plenty of light.

Bonus: (Not For Sale)

Just About Anything Made By Jay Nelson

These handcrafted RVs and truck campers aren’t for sale, but they’re just too cool not to mention. Designed and built by artist Jay Nelson, these one-of-a-kind campers are as creative as they are functional. From left to right: the Toyota Pickup Camper, D407 House Truck, Worn Wear Dodge Camper and Copper Camper.
We can’t promise that every RV on Campanda will be quite as cool as the ones on this list, but we’ve got an amazing selection of unique RVs for rent around the world. Check out Campanda to find an RV rental near you:

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